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VelaShape procedure for Breast Reduction?

I am a 36DDD and would like to be able to wear a 36D cup size. I don't want to have the bust reduction surgery. Can VelaShape be used to help reduce bust size?


Velashape not good for breast reduction

Thanks for your question - Velashape is not FDA approved for breast reduction and will not give you a lasting correction of the symptoms caused by macromastia (large breasts). Breast reductions deal with three issues: The volume of the breasts (the volume needs to be made smaller). The size of the skin envelope (you can imagine if you dramatically decreased the volume but did not change the skin envelope you would likely have sagging breasts with excess skin) The position of the nipple and the shape of the breast (this is the more cosmetic portion of the breast reduction and comes as a consequence of changing the first two). I hope this helps!

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