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Want my Recent Breast Augmentation Re-done?

I only went for 250cc silicone subgrandular but feel now after abour 6 weeks I could of went bigger.The swelling has gone down and settled.My only concern is the cost.I have the memory gel.How does the surgeons fee work if you are not happy and express you unhappiness in a resonable amount of time.Any experience with this in Knoxville Tennessee?


Choosing the right size implants

Thanks for your question Choosing the right size implant is a complicated decision. Unlike some of the other physician comments we take a different approach in our San Francisco area practice. Blaming a patient for the wrong size implant "choice" is a difficult position to put a patient in. The first thing, of course, is to try to get the right size implant. We try to really get a sense of what a patient is looking for. Typically saying "I want a full C" isn't good enough. We ask our patients to bring in photos of breasts they like, we have visualization systems and sizers patients can try on. All of this in an effort to decide the right size. In your situation the best thing to do is talk to your plastic surgeon and see what the policy is. Many plastic surgeons will waive the physician fees in these cases but you may still be responsible for the OR and anesthesia fees. I hope this helps!

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