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What are Symptoms of Breast Implant Rupture?

I have an opening in my incision with a steady flow of clear fluid leaking out. Could this be a rupture in my implant? What symptoms or signs indicate if my implant is ruptured?


Open wound after breast implant

Thanks for your question - The situation you describe is concerning. Typically saline breast implant ruptures are very readily apparent. Deflation of the implant in question is usually rapid. Silicone implant ruptures can be more difficult to diagnose. The real concern from your description is a chronic infection of the implant. Infected implants can release fluid as your body tries to fight the infection. The fluid is part of the inflammatory process and likely not from within the implant. Any open wound in association with a breast implant is very concerning. Treatment may include needing to have the implant removed. Talk to your plastic surgeon immediately. I hope this helps.

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