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What are the Options for Reducing Breast Implant Size?

I had a breast lift and breast augmentation surgery w/ 375cc implants. I was originally a saggy B but now (7 days post-op) I am mortified at how big they look. I feel like a porn star. My husband is freaking becuase of the money we've already spent but I just couldn't go through life like this. What options do I have? Can the current implants be "deflated" in some way?


Time is your friend

Thanks for the question Ell - Many people who have breast augmentation notice that their breasts seem larger for the first 2-4 weeks after surgery. This is typically because of swelling and positioning of the implants. Around 4 - 6 weeks later, as the swelling comes down and the implants settle, many patients utter the famous "I could have gone a little bit bigger." That being said, you should give yourself some time for the shape and size of the implants to improve (at least 6 weeks but 6 months would likely be a better amount of time). If at that point you are still unhappy with the size you face a difficult choice. There is no way to reduce the size of most saline implants (although there are a few different types that allow for adjustment of size through an injectable port). This means that an adjustment in size would mean additional surgery. Discuss the issue with your surgeon. If you are truly unhappy there may be things he or she can do to lessen the financial burden. I hope this helps.

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