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What Can I do to Recover Faster from Cheek Implants?

I had my lower blepharoplasty (fat sparing) on January 23 and I had heavy bruising on my right eye. I even had blood shots at the sclera. It slowly went away though. On Feb 17, I had my cheek implants done and now I am so swollen at my jowls. I am taking Bromelain, Vitamin C, Arnica, what else could I do to make the recovery speedy? Could diuretics and Vitamin K Menadione also affect my recovery?


Recovery after facial surgery

Thanks for the question. Your best way to improve the speed of your recovery is relatively simple. Follow your plastic surgery post-op orders including care for the incisions, positioning, medications and activity levels. These are all specifically tailored for your procedure and your specific medical issues. Plastic surgeons have specific care instructions at different stages of the recovery process to maximize speed of healing, comfort and end result. Be careful about advice from others who are not directly involved in your care. No one understands what you need for a speedy recovery better than your doctor. Generally we would recommend no strenuous activity, head elevation and closely following incision care instructions. I hope this helps.

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