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What Do 339cc and 350cc Silicone Implants Equal to in Breast Cup Size?

I am 5'10 and 115pounds. Currently a small B and want a small to mid C. What cup size would equal a 339cc? What cup size would equal a 350cc?


Volume of implants and breast size

Thanks for your question It is a common one! Unfortunately it is almost impossible to answer. A 350cc implant could create a B cup or a DDD. Much of what you will end up with depends on how much you're starting with, the shape of your chest wall, how much ptosis (breast sag) you have and your skin elasticity. The shape of the implant also plays a role. In addition, bra sizes range all over the map between different manufacturers. Talk to your plastic surgeon and discuss your size (and shape!) goals. Bring in pictures of breasts you like and dislike. This can be the best way to determine the perfect size. I hope this helps.

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