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What Do Breast with Implants in them Feel Like?

Do breast implants feel real or do they feel hard?


Three things affecting Breast Implant feel

Great question. \ n The answer is, it depends. There are three things to consider when thinking about how implants feel. First - Where has the implant been placed. Typically, breast augmentation is done "below the muscle". This means that the implant is usually placed in a subpectoral plane. This provides a significant amount of camoflage for the implant (you feel skin, subcutaneous fat and breast tissue and muscle before you feel the implant). The qualifier here is that it is rare to have an implant that is completely under the muscle and typically the inferior border is not covered. Most people have more breast tissue at this level. Second - What type of implant was used? Silicone implants mimic breast tissue more readily than saline imlpants do. Properly filled saline implants tend to feel more like water balloons in your hand. The larger the implant, the more you may be able to feel that implant. Third - What is the nature of the capsule around the implant? Over time, patients can develop capsular contracture. This is typically what causes breasts to feel hard after the implant. This is not a normal result after breast augmentation, but there is an increased chance of occurrence over time. For patients with capsular contracture, the capsule usually needs to be removed surgically to improve the feel of the breasts. In addition, remember that immediately after breast augmentation surgery, the breasts will feel more firm until the swelling comes down. I hope this helps!

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