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What happens if if I won't Like my New Breast Implants?

I am seriously considering a breast augmentation, but what would happen if I didn't like the way the implants look after surgery? Could the breast implants be taken out, and would my breasts look the same as they used to? I am just getting scared because with plastic surgery, it seems like there is no going back if you don't like the outcome.


Breast Implant Regret

Thanks for the question - You're right to be cautious. Surgery - any surgery - is something that can never be completely undone. You should be sure about why you're doing it, you should be sure you've found a board certified plastic surgeon who can answer all of your questions and you have good communication with. Smaller breast augmentation is more "reversible" than larger breast augmentation. The skin envelope stretches more to accommodate larger implants and a larger pocket must be created to hold larger implants. Scars in any size breast augmentation are permanent, whether the implants are removed in the future or not. Be sure you've had all of your questions answered by the surgeon that you're planning on doing the surgery and make sure you understand all the risks and benefits to breast augmentation. You should never be pressured by a surgeon to proceed with surgery. Best of luck. Steven Williams, MD

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