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What is the best way to Reduce Pain and Recovery Time After Breast Implants Surgery?

Some women have said the pain of getting implants is extreme while others say it is only mild. Why is there a difference? Is it because some doctors are using a different method? What can be done to minimize pain and downtime during breast implants recovery?


Breast Augmentation Recovery

Thanks for the great question. Recovery and downtime is something we address before surgery at our San Francisco area practice, including customizing a treatment plan to speed each patient's recovery. Breast augmentation recovery is different for all patients. In addition, breast augmentation is not a homogenous operation either and those differences can impact recovery. Most breast augmentations are below the muscle. This technique improves the appearance and longevity of a breast augmentation. This usually means more pain and can be associated with muscle spasm because of the stretching of the muscle. Our techniques include choosing the right sized implant for our patients, good intra-operative technique, use of pain pumps and a careful post-operative plan including the right support garments. Typically our patients report minimal discomfort at day 3-5. I hope this helps.

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