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What is the Chances of Recurrening Symmastia?

I am going in for a consultation for symmastia revision. I would describe the symmastia as fairly moderate. I do not want an overly large gap between my breasts post-operatively, but I do not want to end up needing a second revision surgery for symmastia. What is the chances of recurrence and what should I discuss with my doctor? My implants are smooth round moderate plus, 510 cc under the muscle.



Thanks for the question Symmastia can be a difficult problem to correct. The natural tissue that separates the two breasts has been disrupted. Techniques to correct this include using suture techniques to re-establish the separation. The problem is suture techniques can fail over time. The chance of failure of the repair depends on many factors including severity of symmastia, your tissue quality, etc. I would ask your surgeon about the technique he or she plans to use to correct your problem. I hope this helps.

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