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What is the Risk of Scarring from a Breast Lift with a History of Keloids?

I am interested in having breast lift surgery. Currently I'm a 34DD, and happy with the fullness and amount of breast tissue that I have. I don't feel that I'd need an implant but I'm unhappy with the my chest's "droopy" look when I remove my bra. If I undergo this procedure, what are the risks of serious scarring or keloid development? I've had a history of keloids on my ear that were successfully removed with steroids and surgery as well a hyperthropic scar on my knee. Would this affect my chances? If so, what can be done to minimize it? Also, what would be the average costs of these procedures in major cities such as NYC or LA?


keloid scarring with breast surgery

While keloids remain a bit of a mystery, some things are clear. There are some areas of the body that are more prone to keloids and hypertrophic scars than others. One of these areas includes the central chest. People with a strong history (personal or family) are at a higher risk of keloiding. Meticulous technique, silicone sheeting and steroids can reduce the risks of keloiding. In my San Francisco area practice, people who have a strong history of keloiding are cautioned that even with the best technique and technology keloiding can occur and may require additional treatment. I have not had this happen in the over 400 breast reductions I have performed but it is certainly possible. In terms of costs, a breast lift without augmentation typically costs about $5000 in my practice. I hope this helps!

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