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What Kind of Scars should I Expect from a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery?

If I have a brazilian butt lift surgery, will there be any scars from the fat transfering procedure?


Brazilian Butt Lift Scars

Thanks for the question -One of the reasons for the popularity of this technique in our San Francisco area office is the small scars. Traditionally patients who wanted an improvement in the buttock contour underwent implant placement. There were many problems with these implants including infection and implant extrusion (the implant working its way out of your body). The other problem with buttock implants were the big scars. On the other hand, brazilian butt lift scars are the size of liposuction scars (typically about 1/2 a centimeter in length). We can hide the scars in the natural folds and the result is a great contour change with minimal scarring. Take a look at our before and after pictures to see the scars (try and find them! They're there, just small). Hope this helps.

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