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What to Do with Bad Results from Breast Implant surgery?

I am a year and a half years post-op Breast Implant surgery. I recently went to my surgeon and found out that my implants have bottomed out. My scars are keloided and about 2 inches above the crease. I have no cleavage. My boobs are extremely far out to each side. He seemed very unhelpful and basically offered to charge me full price to do it again. My question is that fair? Are these results flaws from a bad procedure? What should I do?


Breast Augmentation Revision

Sorry to hear about your problem. Implant malpositioning can be from many different factors and at 1.5 years after surgery it may be unrelated to surgical technique. You will likely need a revision that involves re-creating the bottom portion of the implant pocket using suture techniques. It may also require revision of your scar and post-operative treatments to decrease the chance of hypertrophied or keloided (there are significant differences) scars recurring. In my San Francisco area practice our breast augmentation revisions (including all costs) usually start around $5000 but can quickly increase in price depending on the complexity of the problem and the desires and needs of our patients. I hope this helps.

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