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What would be my Breast Size After 340cc Implants?

I am a 32A and I'm will be getting 340cc breast implants. I wanted to know what size that would turn out to be? I want to have like a full B or small c. I'm really confused how it works because some people with an A cup got a B cup while others got a C. One of my friends had hers done and she was the same size as me and got a 300cc and turned out to be between full A to small C. I'm so confused please help. I don't want them to be too big nor not big enough. Also, I am a very tiny girl and right now, I'm pretty much flat chested.


breast size after breast augmentation.

Thanks for the question - You're right to be confused. There is no direct translation between number of cc's and what size bra you will wear (cup size). There are many many reasons for this. First - Bra manufacturers are all over the map when creating cup sizes. A "C" cup from one manufacturer may be a "D" from another. From a breast augmentation standpoint your final cup size will depend on many factors including: your starting sizeimplant sizeimplant shapeamount of ptosis your breasts haveimplant positionskin elasticitychest wall shape and more... Have a careful discussion with your plastic surgeon about what is possible in terms of size and shape. In our San Francisco area practice we encourage patients to bring in photos of breasts that they like AND don't like so we can try to acheive our patient's goals. I hope this helps.

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