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What would be the Cc and Cup Size…

after a surgery with 280 grams with diameter 116mm, 34B I am 5 "2, 52 kg. Thanks


Determining Cup Size

Thanks for the question - Cup size is a bit of a difficult measurement. The reason why is there is no defined standard. You've probably noticed that a cup size in one bra brand can be different in another brand. You probably own bras with different cup sizes. Cubic centimeters (cc) on the other hand is a very precise and standard management. This measurement deals with volume and is the standard for implant sizing. Your final cup size will depend on the your original breast tissue, chest wall shape, skin envelope, implant size, implant position, implant shape... and after all of that (and more) bra manufacturer. You can get a rough idea of your final shape by using rice in a bag of the equivalent volume you're considering. Be sure to try the rice with multiple bras and outfits and give yourself a few days to consider your volume. Remember this will give you only a rough idea of what the cc's you're considering will provide in terms of breast shape. I hope this helps.

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