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When would my Breast Augmentation Sutures Be Removed after surgery?

My crease incision from breast augmentation surgery will be closed with external nylon sutures. I have heard different stories as to the timing of suture removal. Is 3 weeks too long for the nylon suture to be left in place? Will my skin grow over the sutures? Are there risks or possible complications with these types of sutures left in place for that long? Your insights will be appreciated. Thanks very much.


Suture removal after breast augmentation

Thanks for your question Each surgeon may use different techniques to close incisions after breast augmentation. In our San Francisco area practice we do not use sutures that need to be removed. When thinking about permanent sutures (like nylon or prolene) sometimes leaving these sutures in for more than a week can leave "track marks" along the incision. This can be avoided when using these types of suture by varying the placement of the suture, for example placing the suture with a "running subcuticular" where the suture ends exit the ends of the wound only avoids the potential scar issues of a traditional "baseball" stitch. I hope this helps.

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