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Will a Breast Lift Make my Breasts Look Smaller, or Larger?

Hi there, Almost two years ago after 3 back to back pregnancies i had my 275cc saline implants replaced with 375cc HP silicone. At the time I was afraid of the anchor scar so I did a donut lift instead. I'm now considering going back for the lift but I'm concerned my breasts will end up looking smaller. Im a 34DD in VS brand bras...Will I need a larger implant with the lift to keep my large size? Thank you:)


Will a breast lift make breasts look smaller?

Thanks for your question. While a breast lift only removes a few grams of skin it can make breasts look smaller because they are not visually as long. One trick that some patients find helpful in our San Francisco area practice is to stand in front of a mirror and place your hands on the superior part of your breasts and pull them upward. You should be able to see that even though you haven't removed any breast tissue your breasts probably look a bit smaller, this can be similar to what can happen when you lift your breasts. I hope this helps.

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