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Will I Be Able to Run a 1/2 Marathon 2 Mos. After BA Surgery?

Hello- I'm scheduled for revision surgery to get a capsulotomy on both breasts and implant exchange. I've read on this site that most surgeons encourage not exercising for a good 2-4 weeks. After that rest time, do you think it will be safe to run a half marathon which is 2 months after my surgery? Also, when is it safe to swim laps after surgery? I've very athletic, but also want to get the best results I can and be safe. My doctor is pretty liberal so I thought I'd seek some other opinions.


Exercise After Breast Implant Revision

Thanks for your question. In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we generally advise patients to wait until two months after surgery before resuming their normal activity level. Light exercise may be started two to four weeks after surgery, depending on the procedure, and should be increased gradually as tolerated. Recovery periods for revision surgeries tend to be shorter and less involved than for the original surgeries and therefore patients are typically able to return to exercise sooner. Another consideration for post-surgery exercise is what physical shape a patient is in prior to their procedure. For patients who frequently run half marathons and are familiar with the training it is important to factor in the downtime into their ability to properly train. Patients who are considering running their first half marathon two months after surgery or for patients who are planning on running one after several months of inadequate training it is ill-advised and should be avoided to prevent injury. In addition to the provided information all questions regarding any aspect of your surgery should be discussed with your board-certified plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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