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Will I get an Infection if I Get Implants After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had Brazilian Butt Lift surgery about 3 years ago, and now I feel that by butt is going back to its previous size. I told my surgeon I wasn't satisfied and I'd like to undergo another surgery and get implants. He said I can develop an infection if I get implants after the butt lift. Is this true? Should I go for butt implants?


Infection after brazilian butt lift

Thanks for the question - There is no increase in infection rate after a healed brazilian butt lift (that is 6 months or more after a brazilian butt lift). However, buttock implants carry an increased rate of complication including infection as compared to a Brazilian butt lift. You may wish to consider additional fat transfer as opposed to buttock implants. Be sure to discuss all the options with your plastic surgeon. It may also make sense to get additional opinions. I hope this helps.

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