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Will my Implants Drop and Look Normal?

It's been 2 wks ago and had a lift and 330cc implants I am freaking out b/c my right breast is high went for my one week check up and doctor was very pleased with my results! They sent me home with a strap and a massage technique to make the right one drop I have been doing for the past week and still not seeing results I would like to. Please tell me they will drop and look normal My doctor has assured me they will and 2 wks is way to quick to judge But how long can I plan on it being so high?


Implant Settling

Thank you for your question. Your surgeon is most likely correct, two weeks is too soon to determine the final implant placement. Generally speaking implants take three to six months to fully settle into place. Soft tissue swelling and tightness in the pectoralis muscle can all contribute to the implants sitting a bit high. Give your self some more time. You should begin to see improvements in position as the weeks proceed. In our San Francisco area practice we provide patients with guidance regarding the post-op course. Once the implants are fully settled, if one is still higher than the other surgery is required to create desired symmetry. Again, that distinction cannot be made at this point and time is required for the final appearance. I hope this helps.

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