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Will Using the Clarisonic Brush Cause Botox to Wear off More Quickly?

Using the clarisonic brush 2x daily on rental setting. Does this cause Botox injections to disappear more quickly than without use of the brush?


Botox and Clarisonic

Thank you for your question. Wait at least two hours after receiving Botox injections to use your Clarisonic brush to allow the product to be integrated into the intended location. After that time the Clarisonic brush should not interfere with the action of Botox and should not cause the Botox to wear off more quickly. Botox works by blocking the communication between the nerves and muscles. Once it is placed it not affected by the light vibrations on the overlying skin generated by the Clarisonic. In our San Francisco Bay Area practice we have many happy patients that use a Clarisonic with no problems with the length of effect of their Botox. As always questions or concerns regarding your procedure should be disucssed with your provider. I hope this helps.

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