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Would 400cc Make a B-cup into a C or D Cup?

im 5'4 110 pnds, 29, getting 400-430cc - will this make me large c or small d? I'm currently 34b, have breast fed 3 kids, and the doctor said i had slight suto sagging and a small chest. I'm 32 inches all the way around the top of my chest.... i certainly dont want to end up with big sagging boobs... but i want my boobs big enough to be like yum those are nice boobs i got the hips to match right?


Size of implants and the size of your breasts

Thanks for the question - There is (obviously) a relationship between the size of the implant and the final size of your breasts. The larger the implant, the larger your breasts will be. However, there is no direct conversion that dictates that a certain size implant will take you from one breast size to another. The reason is your breast shape is defined by more than the size of your implants (think chest wall shape, skin envelope, existing breast tissue, asymmetry, sag, implant shape and many others!) If you're not sure about the size you can try different sized implants under your clothes. In our San Francisco area practice we have many techniques to help patients decide on an appropriate size range. The final implant size is always decided in the OR. We use special temporary implants that help us match the size and shape to your post-op goal. It works great for our patients. I hope this helps!

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