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Would a Breast Lift Always Result in Dramatically Smaller Breasts?

I had a breast lift on my size 36 g breast and have come out a 36 D, i am traumatised by the whole operation and very upset at being so small. I knew he would have to reduce them but not by 3 cup sizes, is this normal? do they have to always make your breast much smaller to achieve this?


Breasts smaller after lift

Thanks for your question - Breast lifts can make breasts seem smaller. Part of this has to do with the distribution of the volume of the breast in a more anatomic position. The way to really tell from a volume standpoint how much smaller your breasts are is to ask your surgeon for the amount of tissue resected. In our San Francisco area practice it is typically less than 10 grams per breast (0.022 pounds). I hope this helps.

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