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Would Botox help Relaxing Scar Tension?

Will Botox help to relax the tension from a healing raised horizontal scar in the small hollow at the base of my neck, where the Fraxel Repair laser treatment ended? This area took a couple of weeks to heal and is still healing. The scar is between the two big neck tendons, in the hollow where they join the collarbone. I am thin, so the hollow is deep and the scar is obvious. Also, this is an area where there is an extreme amount of movement. I am really hoping that Botox injections in that area will keep this scar from worsening. Do you have any other suggestions?


Botox not likely to help.

Thanks for your question. Scar contraction is a normal part of healing. Scar contracture is an abnormal amount of contraction within the scar that limits movement. Scars contract parallel to their length. The contraction is mediated by scar tissue (collagen largely) not by muscle. Botox works by paralyzing muscle. Because of this it is unlikely for you to get significant improvements with botox alone. A technique called z-plasty or w-plasty would be a better choice to release this scar and reorient the lines of contraction. I hope this helps.

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