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Would Brazilian Butt Lift surgery Help Fix my Hips?

I am a 20 year old female and I’m considering a Brazilian butt lift, but I’m not sure if it will fix my concerns. My buttocks are fine, perky and full although I wouldn't mind them being a little bigger. However, I have no hips and I feel as though it throws my whole silhouette off. (I also feel like I may be asymmetrical) My measurements are 34-26-34. I would love for my measurements to be 34-24-37. Any suggestions? Would a Brazilian butt lift fix my hipless countour or should I consider another procedure?


Brazilian Butt Lift Techniques to Fix Hips

Thanks for the question unsureaboutit - You are correct that the same concept of fat transfer to your buttocks can be used to improve your hip contour. In my San Francisco area practice we routinely analyze and discuss the hips as a part of the Brazilian Buttock Lift. Fat transfer and selected liposuction can be a fantastic way to emphasize your curves. We also use these techniques for scar contour correction. Based on your picture it does seem like you have some asymmetry - in that the right hip seems not quite as full. Find a board certified plastic surgeon with experience with this procedure. I hope this helps.

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