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Would Breast Augmentation be Less Painful for Women after Pregnancy?

I've read that women who have had babies would have stretched their skin enough to lose volume, which may be helpful to create a breast pocket during Breast Augmentation. Would that make it less painful to get a Breast Implant compared to women with no previous pregnancies having tighter skin and small breasts with no volume loss? Is this true?


Breast augmentation after pregnancy not less painful

Thanks for your question. While there may be a small benefit in being able to recruit the stretched skin caused by pregnancy and breast-feeding most of the pain from breast augmentation typically comes from the subpectoral placement of the implant. In our San Francisco area practice, typically it is the implant placement behind the muscle and the stretch caused afterwards that contributes to post-operative pain. We have several techniques to manage this pain including injection of local anesthesia into the pocket during operation, post-op pain pumps and carefully tailored muscle relaxants to prevent pain. The vast majority of our patients don't find this a significantly painful operation with these techniques and usually are feeling well post-op day 3 or 5. I hope this helps.

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