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Would Breast Augumentation surgery the Second Time Around Be More Painful?

If you have had augumentation surgery in the past and had them out. Would having the surgery again to put them back in be as painful? Even if it is done under the muscle again?


Your question depends on a number of factors. If you are…

Your question depends on a number of factors. If you are planning on being of similar size, through the same incision and in the same tissue plane (ie below the muscle) and have a relatively small amount of scar tissue then the pain will likely be less than you originally experienced. If any of the above is changing then you may or may not have pain. In my practice, we have an effective regimen for managing post-op breast augmentation pain that can include pain medication, muscle relaxers, appropriate post-op garments and pain pumps that greatly reduce post-op discomfort. Talk to your surgeon about your concerns and find an effective way to minimize your post-op pain! I hope this helps.

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