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Would I Need a Breast Lift During Implant Replacement?

I have Saline breast implants that are now ten years old. They were beautifully done and look natural, although the doctor went bigger than I had asked for: a full C instead of a full B. It was his aesthetic call, he said, and at the time, (and urged on by my then-boyfriend) I decided I'd live with them. Ten years later, I am about ten pounds less and much leaner than back then (5'5", 112 lbs, very fit, 18.5% body fat) and the implants have sagged somewhat. When I see photos of myself, I feel my silhouette is out of proportion, and that I would look much better with slightly smaller breasts, as I had originally intended... and perhaps Silicone this time. To go for smaller, firmer, higher breasts after having larger saline implants, would I need a Breast Lift in addition in order to accomplish this? How are these procedures usually done?


Replacing implants with smaller implants

Thanks for the question - This can be very difficult to answer. It depends on the laxity of your skin, the amount of ptosis (sag) you had prior to your breast augmentation and the position and shape of your implants and how much ptosis you've had since your original implants. Many patients do need a lift after removal of implants but some patients with small volume changes (like what you propose) can get away without it. It also depends somewhat on the amount of sag you're willing to tolerate. In addition there can be benefits of different implant shapes to make small differences in breast shape and ptosis. Discuss your goals in depth with your plastic surgeon. I hope this helps.

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