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Would Previous Liposuction Interfere with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I had liposuction done 10 yrs ago which left me with slight contour irregularites on my stomach and what looks like tissue scaring on one side (which you can only see if my skin is stretched). I really want a Brazilian butt lift and was wondering if liposuction can be preformed on the same areas for the fat transfer or will it cause more scarring? Also, what are the chances of contour irregulaities and can they be smoothed out? I want a shapely butt, but not if it will cause get more scarring. Thanks.


Previous liposuction and brazilian butt lifts

Thanks for your question. Previous liposuction can have two implications for future liposuction and fat transfer to your buttocks. First: Liposuction will cause some degree of scar in the treated areas. This can make harvesting fat more difficult. Second:If you have had liposuction in the area of the planned fat transfer (the buttock in this case) it may be more difficult to get a smooth contour. In our San Francisco office, we carefully plan the best places to harvest fat and the suitability of the area to transfer the fat. Be sure your plastic surgeon spends the time to discuss these issues with you. I hope this helps!

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