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Would you advise I Wait for New Breast Implant Technology?

Plan to have breast implants surgery for this year but want to make sure some new breast implant technology isn't just around the corner. Preference is to wait if there's some new great breast implant that's safer and more natural feeling. thankyou for the comments


Breast Implants and Technology

Good question Rori - When you talk about technology it depends on what you mean. There have certainly been advancements cohesive gels, better shell formulations. There have also been advancements in technique - studies demonstrating that triple antibiotic irrigation lowers capsular contracture, submuscular and subfacial placement of implants, etc. But the basic principal has been the same. Place a space occupying object with a silicone shell and filled with a relatively safe, inert material. There are some stem cell therapeutic and hormonally directed medications that have been looked at but have significant oncologic problems (think breast cancer). I don't see any spectacular new technology on the horizon. We are seeing a fair amount of spectacular marketing in the last 5 years. I hope this helps.

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