February 13, 2020

5 ways to get ready for plastic surgery

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Cosmetic plastic surgery can be one of the few medical procedures that patients can actually look forward to! At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery we have the top 5 tips to make your procedure successful.

  1. Know your procedure!
    Be sure you've taken the time to ask questions. Remember - no question is too small or unimportant. Your surgeon should spend as much time as necessary to make sure you're comfortable! Google is not a substitute! At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery we use a combination of careful consultation, photography, 3D imaging tools (Cool!) and constant contact to make sure you know what happens before, during and after surgery.

  2. Know your surgery location and time!
    Be sure to take a few moments to figure out when and where your surgery will be performed. Make sure it's at an accredited facility - make sure your anesthesiologist and the entire team are board certified. (Hopefully at this stage you already know that your plastic surgeon is board certified). Check for traffic issues and the best route to get to the center.

  3. Follow instructions!
    Make sure you've followed your physician's pre-op instructions carefully - stopping or continuing the right medications can make a huge difference in successful surgery. You should NOT be smoking.

  4. Be sure that your home team is ready for your post-op!
    Your friends and family can be a critical part of your recovery. From helping you get to the restroom, to getting you that late night snack having your home and your family ready for your post-op can be very important. Be sure to have some meals prepared for you and your family. Make sure you have your doctor's contact info handy in case you have questions. Think comfort and safety!

  5. Try to relax!
    If you've conquered the above try to relax. Anxiety can actually increase your pain levels and make sleep and decision making difficult. You're going to do great!