February 13, 2020

A College Student's POV On Her Breast Reduction Surgery

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From a cursory perspective, a voluptuous chest may appear to be something to envy or a good problem to have. But Jennie, a college student in San Francisco, tells us otherwise. She found that the excess weight from her breasts caused serious back, neck, and shoulder pain. Before considering plastic surgery, Jennie was seeing doctors and physical therapists for the pain in her upper body and temporary relief came in the form of muscle relaxants. These are all common problems many women experience before opting for a breast reduction surgery.

Luckily, Jennie found Tri Valley Plastic Surgery. Having gone through a series of less than desirable events, she was in bit of a panic when she first met Dr. Judge. “I had an awful experience with a different surgeon though my insurance network. I only saw the other surgeon while the receptionist was taking photos of me. He popped in for less than a minute, long enough to say that I was a good candidate and the success rate is high. Then he went on vacation a week before my surgery and my surgery was canceled.”

“It’s a completely different experience being at Tri Valley. The receptionists are friendly. Nicole was great. She really worked with my insurance given the 48-hour deadline. Dr. Judge walked me through every stage of the surgery and answered all of my questions, including my mom’s. She was patient and made me feel comfortable and not rushed even though we had a short time frame to work around. On the day of the surgery, even though I’ve wanted it for years, I knew that I was still young and it can be scary... But I really felt at home with Dr. Judge. She had an easy demeanor and a confidence in her ability that put me at ease. She put my mom at ease, which is very hard for any mom to do at the thought of their child being in surgery. It felt really nice, it felt like she was on my side. She really took time to build my trust, and my previous surgeon did not do that.

“I really felt at home with Dr. Judge. She had an easy demeanor and a confidence in her ability that put me at ease.”

“It’s really amazing. It’s life-changing. I could feel such a change in my posture and the way I carry myself.”