Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, removes the excess breast fat, glandular (breast) tissue, and excess skin from the breasts. It also reduces the size of the areola (the pigmented portion around the nipple) and provides a breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time.

The goal of this procedure is to reduce the weight and size of the breasts to minimize shoulder and back discomfort. 

Large breasts can cause a multitude of physical discomforts. Back and neck pain, shoulder pain, bra strap indentations, infections in the skin, difficulty exercising or just finding comfortable fitting clothing are just some of the discomforts our patients explain. 

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Dr. Williams' Technique

Dr. Williams uses both short scar vertical reduction mammoplasty and the more traditional Wise pattern reduction mammomplasty (anchor scar) depending on each individual patient's needs.

What to Expect

Breast reduction surgery is performed as outpatient surgery, which means patients return home the same day of surgery. 

All patients need to have a recent mammogram (breast x-ray) before surgery. Also, patients that are interested in breast feeding may wish to postpone breast reduction until breast feeding is completed. Due to the high post-operative complication rates in patients who are smoking or are very obese, pre-operative smoking cessation for six weeks and dieting maybe recommended. 

Complications from this procedure are rare, but can include slight asymmetry, nipple loss (extremely rare and applies only to smokers), nipple sensation changes or loss of nipple sensation (about a 10% risk), and wound healing problems (including keloids if you are prone to developing them). 

Most patients are able to resume non-strenuous work in less than one week and resume physical activities after three weeks.

Insurance Information

Insurance companies require a substantial amount of breast tissue removed before pre-approving payment for breast reduction surgery. 

The amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed is related to your height, weight and your insurance plan provisions for breast reduction surgery. 

We will assist you in determining whether you would qualify for insurance coverage and submit the documentation required by your insurance company. 

We will also provide you with the cost of breast reduction surgery should your insurance carrier deny approval.