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Take advantage of our Virtual / Online Consultation feature to simulate an in-office consultation from the comfort of your home. The virtual consultation allows you to share information with our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Williams, fast, easy, and securely before coming into our office in person. Virtual / Online Consultation provides the flexibility for patients to receive dedicated time from Dr. Williams to review and discuss goals, procedures, and address any questions or concerns. Our patient coordinator will then review financial information and assist in making arrangements for surgery and recovery.

Image Upload Instructions

For best results on your Online Consultation, please try to upload pictures of the concerned area that are well-lit, focused, straight and level, front and side views. Detailed Instructions.

  1. Please take Photos in front of a plain background
  2. For Body Shots: Rest your hands on your hips with elbows bent naturally to the sides or rest arms naturally straight back.
  3. Keep the camera angle straight forward, do not angle down or up as this will also create and unnatural position.
  4. You will need to take your photos without any garments on.
  5. Take 1 forward shot 2 side view shots of the area in question.

Dr. Steven Williams Is A Board Certified, Yale Educated, Expertly Trained Plastic Surgeon. To Achieve Ideal, Natural Looking Results, Request A Free Virtual Consultation Today.

Patient Intake Form Upload Instructions

Please fill out and upload the "Patient Intake Form" into the Virtual Consultation form below & use this "ONLINE PDF EDITOR" link to edit your Patient Intake form online:

Fill Out The Form Below For Your Virtual Consultation

NOTE: If you are sending breast photos, please send a front view and two 90 degree side views.


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