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At our office in Oakland Massive Weight Loss Contouring can be the perfect finishing touch to all the extensive work and dedication it takes to achieve your goals of major weight loss. Major weight loss requires extreme dedication to achieve, and what a feeling when that hard work pays off! Unfortunately, substantial weight loss can leave the skin loose and saggy in areas which are no longer filled with the same volume of fat which they were prior to losing weight.

Don’t let saggy skin take away from your excitement of reaching your ideal weight! At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, Dr. Steven Williams can customize a head-to-toe body contouring procedure to address the specific areas where your skin may need some shaping following massive weight loss.

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What is Massive Weight Loss Contouring?

When large amounts of fat are removed from the body, the skin may not be able to return to its original state. Conditions such as skin excess, laxity, and overhang may appear when the rate at which weight loss occurs is higher than the rate at which the skin can adjust to the loss of volume. Massive weight loss contouring may include a combination of procedures, depending on which areas of the body have experienced the most drastic weight loss and subsequent skin excess.

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery’s Total Body Lift is a multidimensional procedure that may consist of an arm lift, thigh lift, and body lift. Board-certified Oakland plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Williams and his team of highly skilled medical professionals are here to assist you in taking that final step toward a beautifully contoured body, as you reward yourself for your dedication to a healthier life.

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Benefits of Massive Weight Loss Contouring

We strive to provide you with the best massive weight loss contouring Oakland has to offer, because we know it has both cosmetic as well as practical benefits. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of weight loss contouring is the improvement of the body’s shape, as excess skin is removed and a new slimmer figure is revealed. With an improved figure often comes improved self-confidence, and the ability to shop for clothes more easily.

However, one of the most significant benefits of massive weight loss contouring may be the physical relief it provides. The weight of excess skin, as well as its susceptibility to chafing, make massive weight loss contouring a practical issue as much as it is a cosmetic one. By removing these impediments, you will feel more comfortable and confident, but you will also be able to move more comfortably. This can help you maintain an active lifestyle and help you keep the weight off for good.

Am I a Good Candidate for Massive Weight Loss Contouring?

Candidates for massive weight loss contouring are people who:

Have lost a significant amount of weight
Have been able to maintain their weight following significant weight loss
Have excess skin resulting from weight loss

Patients should be generally healthy. Patients who smoke or who have certain conditions such as heart problems may not receive weight loss contouring.

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Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Massive Weight Loss Contouring

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery’s expert team of medical professionals are proud to help patients on their path toward healthier and happier living. If you would like to learn more about massive weight loss contouring in Oakland, please contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Steven Williams.

What to Expect

At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery serving Oakland, massive weight loss contouring can include any of a number of procedures. Depending on a patient’s specific needs, one or multiple procedures may be performed within one surgery. Weight loss contouring can include the face, breasts, arms, thighs, back, or stomach area.

A popular combination of procedures associated with massive weight loss contouring is the Total Body Lift, which includes a body lift, arm lift, and thigh lift. Each of these procedures involve the removal of excess skin to reveal a slimmer, more smoothly contoured shape.

All of these surgeries require the use of general anesthesia. During your consultation, Dr. Williams will review your procedure with you and help you determine exactly how long it will take to perform, and what your post-op instructions will be. Most patients are able to be driven home the same day as surgery, though in some cases, overnight monitoring may be required.


Recovery from massive weight loss contouring varies depending on which specific procedures are performed, but patients should expect to take 2 to 4 weeks off from work. Patients should also plan for assistance from a friend or family member for several days after surgery. It is important to follow all post-op instructions provided by Dr. Williams to prevent complications and ensure minimal downtime.


Results from massive weight loss contouring can be dramatic and life-changing. It can be difficult to fully appreciate the effects of major weight loss with excess skin concealing results. When that excess skin is removed, patients are able to realize the true magnitude of their transformation. Massive weight loss contouring helps patients live more comfortably and confidently.

We are leaders in breast enhancement, body sculpting, and facial cosmetic surgery, serving the entire San Francisco Bay area. Whether you live in the Bay Area or are coming in from out of town, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on your path to your new self. Schedule an intro call with us today to take the first step towards realizing the look you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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