There are a few very important aspects when it comes to cosmetic procedures. Planning your optimal healing process may not always be the first thing that comes to mind, but a proper recovery is critical for great aesthetic results. Combining your plastic surgery or non-surgical procedure with a lymphatic massage plan can improve swelling, speed healing time, and cut down on infection risks.

Lymphatic Drainage with BallancerPro at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery in Dublin, CA, we offer lymphatic drainage with BallancerPro for post-surgical healing as well as after other body contouring procedures. Serving the Oakland area, our stellar team led by Dr. Steven Williams understands that the healing process is crucial to the success of any aesthetic treatment, and improving recovery can be extremely valuable.

What is Lymphatic Massage?

The lymphatic system helps to regulate fluid levels throughout the body and works alongside our immune system. Lymphatic drainage massage can help to alleviate swelling caused by issues with the lymphatic system resulting from medical treatments or aesthetic treatments. This massage technique uses gentle manipulation of targeted regions of the body, aiding in the movement of lymph toward areas where functioning lymph vessels exist.

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The BallancerPro System

The BallancerPro is a compression therapy system that is FDA-approved, backed by decades of research, and used by professional athletes and celebrities across the country. Lymphatic massage with the BallancerPro is accomplished using special suits that fit snugly around the arms, legs, and trunk. The massage settings in the suits can be precisely calibrated for the optimal pressure and timeframe for each patient, making this an incredibly customizable treatment.

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Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

With a lymphatic massage Oakland area patients can enhance results after both surgical and non-surgical body sculpting procedures. Improved circulation and drainage and important for healing and the reduction of inflammation and swelling. Our Oakland area lymphatic massage patients enjoy positive benefits in multiple parts of the body.

Lymphatic System

  • Better lymphatic drainage
  • Fight infection

Digestive System

  • Speeds and improves digestion
  • Reduce water retention

Circulatory System

  • Encourages proper blood flow
  • Prevent or reduce swelling


  • Improve stretch marks and cellulite
  • Reduce acne
  • Aids scar tissue healing
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BallancerPro Lymphatic Massage Candidates

Lymphatic drainage massage with BallancerPro is a completely non-invasive, gentle, healing and recovery aid, and most patients receiving any type of body contouring are great candidates. If you want to speed your recovery and see results sooner, this additional treatment could be a fantastic option. We do, however, recommend that those with vascular conditions or active skin infections avoid this treatment.

Consultation and Preparation

During a consultation for lymphatic drainage Oakland area providers will discuss your options for treatment along with healing aids, including the BallancerPro. Most of our lymphatic massage patients use it after body contouring procedures, however, it is also a highly effective standalone treatment for pain, fatigue, weight loss, and many other concerns. We will provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan, including any initial procedures, along with session recommendations for lymphatic drainage massage.

The BallancerPro Lymphatic Massage Experience

During your lymphatic drainage massage appointment, some combination of your legs, torso, or arms will be zipped into a suit that is comfortable but snug. The mechanisms in the suit then create pressure in key areas to encourage proper lymphatic drainage. Most patients find the treatment, which lasts between 20 and 60 minutes, to be relaxing and even soothing.

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Results and Aftercare

Results after lymphatic drainage massage are typically noticeable within 24 hours. This treatment is effective with a single session, however, it is exponentially better and can provide more lasting and substantial results with multiple sessions over the course of a few weeks.


Great Results. Minimal Downtime.

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Why Tri Valley?

Led by founder and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Williams, the team of aesthetic medical professionals at Tri Valley is dedicated to helping patients achieve outstanding cosmetic outcomes as well as improved quality of life. Ensuring that our patients heal well and get the most out of each procedure is paramount.

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What are the risks and side effects of BallancerPro treatment?

How many BallancerPro sessions do you recommend to see results, or how often should I go?

Who should not receive a BallancerPro lymphatic massage?

Is BallancerPro lymphatic massage only for surgical patients?

How much does a lymphatic massage with BallancerPro cost?

What are the risks and side effects of BallancerPro treatment?

Some muscle soreness, minor skin irritation, or redness could occur after receiving treatment with the BallancerPro, but these side effects are temporary.

How many BallancerPro sessions do you recommend to see results, or how often should I go?

While a single session will provide some benefits, multiple sessions weekly over about a month will give you optimal lymphatic improvement.

Who should not receive a BallancerPro lymphatic massage?

For most healthy adults, this system is completely safe and effective. Those with vascular or heart disease, a history of blood clots (especially DVT), and patients with certain skin infections should avoid this treatment.

Is BallancerPro lymphatic massage only for surgical patients?

No! This is an outstanding post-surgical treatment as well as a great option for those receiving body contouring treatments such as CoolSculpt or Emsculpt.

How much does a lymphatic massage with BallancerPro cost?

The cost of treatment with BallancerPro depends on how many sessions are recommended to see optimal results.

We are leaders in breast enhancement, body sculpting, and facial cosmetic surgery, serving the entire San Francisco Bay area. Whether you live in the Bay Area or are coming in from out of town, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on your path to your new self. Schedule an intro call with us today to take the first step towards realizing the look you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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