Skin cancer is becoming more and more common. Here in Northern California sun exposure is a leading cause of skin cancer. When detected and treated early outcomes are very good. Dr. Williams has an enormous amount of experience in treating all types of skin cancer. He brings his plastic surgery expertise to removing cancer and reconstructing cancer excisions. He works closely with leading dermatology experts in the area to ensure that all aspects of your care are addressed.

Confidence in Care

When facing any serious medical issue, trust and confidence in treatment providers are especially crucial. Patients who are up against skin cancer have an endless number of concerns. While their health is rightfully at the top of this list, they may also experience worry over the well-being of their friends and family, their finances, their plans, or the impact their illness might have cosmetically. Tri Valley Plastic Surgery understands the enormity of such concerns and seeks to relieve skin cancer patients of such burdens by providing the utmost care and expertise.

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What is Skin Cancer surgery?

When it comes to skin cancer, early detection is imperative and can allow for the surgical removal of cancer cells on the skin before it is able to metastasize. When mutations occur within skin cell DNA, the cells reproduce abnormally and form a mass in the epidermis. If left untreated, these malignant cells can metastasize, or travel to other parts of the body via the lymphatic system. Skin cancer surgery is the removal of malignant cells on the skin and an effective means of eliminating skin cancer before it is allowed to spread to other parts of the body.

Dr. Steven Williams works closely with area dermatological experts to ensure that our Oakland skin cancer removal patients receive superior care in every aspect. Depending on the size and location of a mass, reconstruction may be needed following removal. Dr. Williams’ strong reputation for his exceptional surgical skills gives skin cancer patients confidence that the removal of cancerous cells and any necessary reconstruction will yield fantastic results.

Benefits of Skin Cancer Surgery

While skin cancer surgery at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery offers several benefits, the most significant benefit is the complete removal of cancer cells. Our providers will also ensure that the least amount of healthy tissue is lost during removal, and that reconstruction of the treatment site is performed with the highest levels of skill and care. Surgical excision of skin cancer lesions is more effective and requires less time than other skin cancer treatment options.

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Am I a good candidate for skin cancer removal surgery?

Patients who have been diagnosed with melanoma or basal cell squamous cell carcinoma may be eligible for excision surgery and reconstruction by Dr. Steven Williams.

What to Expect

Depending on the location and complexity of the lesion, skin cancer removal surgery may be performed with the use of local or general anesthesia. The tumor and surrounding healthy tissue will be removed, and the healthy skin stitched together.

Some reconstructive measures such as a skin graft may be taken within the same surgery, while others may take place later on. After skin care removal Oakland patients with simpler cases may be able to go home the day of surgery, while those with more complicated surgical needs may need to stay overnight. Dr. Williams informs each patient of what their specific procedure will entail according to their needs.

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Skin Cancer Excision

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery offers exceptional surgical results to skin cancer patients. If you would like to learn more about your options for skin cancer excision and reconstruction by our providers, please contact our Oakland plastic surgery clinic during normal business hours to schedule your consultation.

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A typical melanoma excision wound will take between 1 and 3 weeks to heal, though more time may be needed for surgeries that require the removal of a larger area of tissue, or which require skin grafting. Patients can expect to experience some soreness around the treated area and may require pain medication. Dr. Williams and will inform patients when it is safe to return to regular activity, and how to properly care for their wound. It is important to follow all post-op instructions and to keep the wound clean while healing.


Skin cancer excision leaves patients healthier and happier. There is immense relief as the successful removal of all cancer cells virtually eliminates the potential for regrowth. Many patients with non-metastatic forms of skin cancer require no further treatment following excision. In addition to the health benefits, patients can look forward to the cosmetic benefits associated with the removal of skin cancer lesions. Patients can live cancer-free, and confidently.

We are leaders in breast enhancement, body sculpting, and facial cosmetic surgery, serving the entire San Francisco Bay area. Whether you live in the Bay Area or are coming in from out of town, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have on your path to your new self. Schedule an intro call with us today to take the first step towards realizing the look you’ve always wanted for yourself.

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