Breast reconstruction surgery restores the appearance of a woman's breast, usually after mastectomy for breast cancer.

There are an array of breast reconstruction options available ranging from implants to "autologous" techniques which use the patient's own tissue to recreate a "natural", warm, soft breast. The nipple and areola (the darker area surrounding the nipple) can also be restored.

Breast reconstruction surgery can mark a new beginning and even serve as a symbol of hope after a very difficult period in life. It is crucial that this special procedure is performed with experience, precision, and compassion.

Hope and Confidence

Breast reconstruction after breast cancer is an especially emotional procedure. There are so many emotions involved, but the most significant of these may be hope. The prospect of a new beginning can be exciting, and breast reconstruction can be an important step in healing emotionally and becoming whole again..

When considering such an important procedure, selecting the right surgeon is crucial. Dr. Steven Williams is a board-certified plastic surgeon and recognized as a premier breast reconstruction provider in the East Bay of Northern California. When it comes to breast reconstruction Oakland patients can be confident in Dr. Williams and the highly experienced team of medical professionals at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery to provide beautiful results, and exceptional patient care.

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Breast Implants

Breast implant surgery is the most well-known reconstruction method. This procedure consists of the insertion of silicone or saline implants to add volume without the use of tissue from other parts of the body. Breast implants also offer a wide range of options in size, shape, and texture.

Pedicled TRAM

This method of breast reconstruction uses fat, muscle, and blood vessels from the abdomen (keeping them attached) and transports them beneath the skin to the chest area. That tissue is then shaped to create the desired contour.

Know Your Options

  • Breast Implants
  • Pedicled TRAM
  • free TRAM
  • DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforator) flap
  • SIEA (superficial inferior epigastric artery) flap
  • Implant Reconstruction
  • Fat Grafting
  • Revision Surgery

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This method also uses muscle and tissue from the abdominal area to sculpt the breast, but the tissues are completely detached and then reattached to blood vessels within the armpit.


A DIEP (deep interior epigastric perforator) flap is similar to a free TRAM in that it uses tissue from the lower belly to create the breast. However, the DIEP flap method does not use any muscle in reconstruction, reducing recovery time and the risk of abdominal strength loss.


The SIEA (superficial inferior epigastric perforator) flap is similar to the DIEP flap, except this method uses a different section of blood vessels. It also does not require a small incision in the abdomen which is necessary for the DIEP flap procedure.

Revision Surgery

Breast revision refers to the correction or improvement of results from previous breast augmentation or reconstruction surgery. Breast revision can take many forms depending on the condition of the breasts and the desired results.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting involves the harvesting of fat from a donor area of the body and injecting it into the chest to create the breast contour. One advantage to this method is that tissue can be taken from an area in which less volume may be desired and used to create volume where it’s wanted.

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Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction Oakland

Breast reconstruction surgery should be performed by a top surgeon and trusted staff. Tri Valley Plastic Surgery boasts a reputation for excellence in surgical results and patient care. Dr. Steven Williams is a board-certified Oakland plastic surgeon and specializes in breast sculpting. Tri Valley Plastic Surgery is the premier Oakland breast reconstruction provider, with the experience, credentials, and results to provide patients with the utmost confidence in their procedure. If you would like to discuss your goals and all of the breast reconstruction options Dr. Steven Williams and Tri Valley Plastic Surgery offer, please contact the office during regular business hours to schedule your consultation. Tri Valley Plastic Surgery is here to help you take this paramount step into the next chapter.

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How long after radiation do you have to wait to have breast reconstruction surgery?

Is breast reconstruction necessary?

Can I have implants if I still need chemotherapy?

Who is a good candidate for breast reconstruction?

How long after radiation do you have to wait to have breast reconstruction surgery?

Breast reconstruction is typically performed 4 to 6 months after radiation.

Is breast reconstruction necessary?

Breast reconstruction is not medically necessary. However, many women view it as an important step in their recovery, as well as an effective procedure for restoring feelings of confidence and femininity.

Can I have implants if I still need chemotherapy?

Yes, you can still be a candidate for breast implants if you still need chemotherapy. However, your breast reconstruction surgery may need to be scheduled with your chemotherapy treatment in mind. Second-stage surgery (the removal of expanders and placement of implants) may be performed after you have recovered from chemotherapy. Healing may take significantly longer for patients receiving chemotherapy. Our providers will work closely with your oncologist to ensure that your breast reconstruction and chemotherapy can both progress safely.

Who is a good candidate for breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is accessible to the vast majority of women. However, not all women are candidates for all methods of breast reconstruction.

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