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Breast Reduction Serving Oakland & The San Francisco Bay Area

For patients in Oakland breast reduction, or reduction mammaplasty, removes excess breast fat, glandular (breast) tissue, and skin from the breasts. It also reduces the size of the areola and provides a breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time.

Find the Look that Fits

If your large breasts make you feel out of proportion, breast reduction might help you find balance, both aesthetically and physically.

Dr. Steven Williams at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery serving Oakland offers expert breast reduction results and excellent patient care. Realize the lightness, freedom, relief, and comfort you’ve dreamed of with one of the best breast reductions Oakland has to offer.

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Breast Reduction Patient

What is Breast Reduction?

Large breasts can cause a multitude of physical discomforts. Back and neck pain, shoulder pain, bra strap indentations, infections in the skin under your breasts, difficulty exercising, or just finding comfortable fitting clothing are just some. The goal of this procedure is to reduce the weight and size of the breasts to minimize shoulder and back discomfort. Virtually all patients note a dramatic relief in the pain and discomfort immediately following the surgery as well as a more youthful shape and form.

Breast Reduction Patient

Breast Reduction Procedure

Because all breasts are different, every breast procedure is unique. Common variables include shape, volume, patient health, areola size and position, and desired results. Dr. Steven Williams is regarded by his peers and patients as an expert at breast reduction and sculpting. Dr. Williams carefully and skillfully develop the proper procedure for your specific breast reduction needs through a “listen first” approach that puts your goals and concerns at the center of the operation. When you arrive at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery for your breast reduction procedure, you will be prepped for surgery, and anesthesia will be administered to you. Incisions will be made according to your personalized surgery plan. Excess fat will be extracted through incision sites and any excess tissue removed before all incisions are closed. Depending on the details of your procedure, breast reduction surgery can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.

Breast Reduction Patient

What to Expect

Breast reduction surgery is performed as outpatient surgery, which means patients return home the same day of surgery. You will need to have someone drive you to and from surgery, as you will be recovering from anesthesia and unable to drive yourself home following the procedure. All patients need to have a recent mammogram (breast x-ray) before surgery. Also, patients that are interested in breastfeeding may wish to postpone breast reduction until breastfeeding is completed.

Due to the high postoperative complication rates in patients who are smoking or are very obese, pre-operative smoking cessation for six weeks and dieting may be recommended. Complications from this procedure are rare, but can include slight asymmetry, nipple loss (extremely rare although smoking increases this risk dramatically), nipple sensation changes or loss of nipple sensation (about a 5% risk), and wound healing problems (including hypertrophic scars if you are prone to developing them). Most patients can resume non-strenuous work in less than one week and resume physical activities after three weeks.

Dr. Steven Williams - Oakland Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Williams' Technique

Dr. Williams use both short scar vertical reduction mammoplasty and the more traditional Wise pattern reduction mammoplasty (anchor scar) depending on each patient's needs. Liposuction can also be used to shape the breast or the sides of the torso to sculpt your shape. During your free consultation, you will develop a plan with our providers to discuss a specific plan to achieve your goals.

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Breast Reduction Patient

Breast Reduction Recovery

You should expect to stay home from work for at least a week following surgery. It is not uncommon for some patients to take off two weeks for recovery. 

Swelling, pain and fatigue are to be expected, especially during the first two to three days. Dr. Williams will prescribe necessary pain medication to provide as much relief as possible, though patients typically describe discomfort from breast reduction as moderate. Physical activity and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least a month following surgery. Dr. Williams and his team provide all patients with detailed post-op instructions and closely monitor each patient’s recovery to ensure that they heal properly before returning to full activity.

Breast Reduction Patient
Breast Reduction Patient
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Breast Reduction Patient

Your Results

While the healing process following breast reduction surgery takes approximately one month, patients will notice an immediate decrease in breast volume and weight as soon as swelling goes down. Full results take between 6 to 8 months.

During this time, breast tissue will fully settle into its final position and scars will significantly fade. Breast reduction patients can look forward to lighter, more manageable breasts and stunning results from Tri Valley Plastic Surgery.

Your Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Breast Reduction Consultation

Oakland breast surgeon, Dr. Steven Williams is a leading Northern California breast reduction and sculpting provider. He and the team of highly skilled medical professionals at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, have earned a reputation for providing Bay Area patients with outstanding patient care and surgical results. If you are ready to free yourself from the burdens of excess breast tissue and would like to discuss your breast reduction possibilities with Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, please contact our office to schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

While the amount of volume reduced varies between each individual, most patients can expect to go down one to two cup sizes.

Significant excess weight can cause medical problems during and after surgery, so it is necessary to achieve and maintain weight within the normal range before receiving a breast reduction.

In most cases, yes! While breast reduction via liposuction does not include a lift during the procedure, breast reductions involving the removal of a greater volume of tissue do include a lift.

With the removal of fat from inside the breast, less skin is needed to contain the breast tissue. Excess skin is removed and the areola is repositioned before all incisions are closed and the breast reduction procedure is complete. This process allows for breasts to not only look and feel smaller, but also to appear perkier, more symmetrical, and more youthful.

Breast reduction does not directly cause weight loss, but many patients experience a dramatic decrease in weight following breast reduction surgery because they feel lighter, their breasts are no longer an impedance, and they are finally able to enjoy being active!

In some cases, breast reduction may make patients appear as though they have lost weight, but this is not always the case. Patients who have breasts that look disproportionately large in comparison to the rest of their body often appear thinner following breast reduction. Patients whose breasts appear more proportionate to their body type may not have the same result.

Breast reduction, like other surgeries, does involve certain risks, like infection, bleeding, and allergic reaction to anesthesia. Following surgery, scarring, bruising, loss of sensation (especially around the nipples), breastfeeding complications, and asymmetry may occur.

Dr. Williams will take every precaution to avoid these complications. They will also provide a comprehensive recovery plan to make sure you take the steps necessary to give you the best possible outcome.

Insurance companies require a substantial amount of breast tissue removed before pre-approving payment for breast reduction surgery. The amount of breast tissue that needs to be removed is related to your height, weight, and your insurance plan provisions for breast reduction surgery. We will assist you in determining whether you would qualify for insurance coverage and submit the documentation required by your insurance company. We will also provide you with the cost of breast reduction surgery should your insurance carrier deny approval.

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