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For many women, sagging breasts are a fact of life. As the breasts droop, the areolas appear to sit too low. Your breasts may also lose fullness and projection, causing flatness in the upper pole. Changes in breast shape can make it impossible to feel as confident as you once did in dresses, swimsuits, and lingerie. If these issues resonate with you, it may be time for a breast lift, or mastopexy. This procedure gives the breasts a lifted, perky appearance and improves the position of the nipples and areolas.

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Breast Lift at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

For patients in Dublin and greater Oakland breast lift at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery can solve a range of issues, including sagging, asymmetry, or shape-related concerns. Our surgical team is comprised of Dr. Steven Williams, a renowned board-certified plastic surgeon and a key opinion leader in the plastic surgery community. Working tirelessly, our surgical staff can help you gain perkier breasts with a rejuvenated appearance.

What is a Breast Lift?

Many factors contribute to sagging or empty breasts, including aging, pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations, and gravity.

Even women in young adulthood can experience sagging breast tissue due to genetics. Regardless of the underlying cause, changes in breast shape and firmness can erode a woman’s confidence and make it difficult to wear the clothing styles she used to enjoy.

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Breast lift (mastopexy) is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which Dr. Williams uplifts and reshape breasts that have sagged or deflated over the years. It is not designed to reduce the size or weight of breasts as would a breast reduction. Instead, it raises the breasts to a higher position, restoring a firm, youthful shape.

Breast lift surgery removes excess skin and tightens the surrounding tissue to support the new breast contour. Sometimes, the areola (the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples) can enlarge over time; A breast lift can also address this. If you also want to increase your bra cup size, your Tri Valley surgeon may suggest placing implants during your breast lift.

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Benefits of a Breast Lift

An uplifted breast profile does so much more than alter breast shape and position. For women who have struggled with lax breasts for years, nothing can compare to the feeling of waking up from surgery with breasts that are perky and beautifully sculpted breasts. For patients in the San Francisco Bay area or Oakland breast lift with Dr. Williams at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery can make filling out clothing and undergarments easier, allowing patients to experiment with more wardrobe options. While it won’t cure depression or body dysmorphia, a breast lift can also positively affect a woman’s self-image.

What can a Breast Lift do for me?

  • Perky breasts
  • Renewed firmness and elasticity
  • Nipples that project forward instead of down
  • Improved fit of clothing, lingerie, and swimwear
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Am I a candidate for a Breast Lift?

A breast lift is ideal for women hoping to raise and reshape their breasts without altering size. Patients considering the surgery should be 18 or older and present with Grade 1 to 3 ptosis.

Cosmetic Issues Addressed by a Breast Lift

  • Enlarged or drooping areola
  • Mild-to-severe breast sagging (ptosis)
  • Changes in shape caused by weight loss, aging, or pregnancy

The ideal candidate does not smoke, is healthy (both physically and mentally), and has realistic expectations. Careful screening is necessary for patients with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, or respiratory illness. Severely overweight individuals and those with a history of anesthesia-related complications may not be the best prospects for surgery. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not undergo the procedure, although it is an excellent way to renew the breasts after having children. Finally, if you plan to lose a significant amount of weight or get pregnant, you might want to postpone your breast.

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Breast Lift and Augmentation

It is possible to get a breast lift and a breast augmentation at the same time. Many patients that seek out breast enhancement are great candidates for a combined breast augmentation and lift. In one surgery patients can get more youthful, fuller breasts. Dr. Williams and the Tri Valley Plastic Surgery team are experts in creating the look you want safely. Click the button below to learn more about different breast augmentation procedures.

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Consultation and Preparation

The decision to have a breast lift is a personal one. Ultimately, deciding if the surgery will achieve your goals and expectations is up to you. The surgeons at Tri Valley are here to guide you as you navigate the process. We strive to provide you with one of the best breast lifts Oakland, Dublin and the Bay area have to offer, so give us a call today.

Mastopexy is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. The surgical techniques can vary greatly depending on the plan you and your surgeon create together. During your consultation, our surgeons will listen to what you hope to achieve, examine your breasts, and make a clinical recommendation.

Complementary Procedures

At your consultation, you will have an opportunity to discuss your desired shape, scar location, and any related procedures you are considering, from tummy tucks to mommy makeovers. The most popular add-ons include breast augmentation, breast reduction, areola reduction, and breast asymmetry correction.

Scar Placement

For patients concerned about scar visibility, our surgeons can explain all options regarding incision location for their surgery. After your consultation, you should clearly know what kind of incisions and scarring to expect from your breast lift.

Risks and Complications

No consultation at Tri Valley is complete without discussing the potential risks of surgery. All surgery can have unwanted side effects, even in the hands of the world’s most prestigious surgeons. Our San Francisco Bay area and Oakland breast lift surgeons will provide you with a list of complications that may occur. Armed with this information, you can make an educated decision about whether to proceed with breast lift surgery.

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No consultation at Tri Valley is complete without discussing the potential risks of surgery. All surgery can have unwanted side effects, even in the hands of the world’s most prestigious surgeons. Our surgeons will provide you with a list of complications that may occur. Armed with this information, you can make an educated decision about whether to proceed with breast lift surgery.

The surgeons at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery have an excellent track record of success. They make every effort to perform surgery safely and provide ongoing care to manage any complications that arise. You will need to sign a consent form showing that you have read and understood the risks.

Planning Your Operation

If you and your surgeon decide that a breast lift is the right approach, you will receive a surgical plan tailored to specific goals and anatomy. You will also receive a price quote. There is no pressure to make a decision on the day of your consultation. You are welcome to take your time soaking in what you have learned. Our San Francisco Bay area and Oakland breast lift patients should feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions. If and when you are ready to book your surgery, simply call our office to arrange a date and time that is convenient for you.

Preparing for Breast Lift Surgery

To prepare for your upcoming surgery, you may have to adjust medications and dietary supplements. Please complete any lab testing, diagnostic imaging, or bloodwork ordered a few weeks ahead of time. You should also plan to have someone drive you to and from the surgical center and assist you afterward. Tell your employer you will need a week or two off work well in advance. Finally, remember to pick up any prescribed medications from your pharmacy a day or two before your operation.

Pre-operative Checklist

  • Request time off work
  • Pickup prescriptions from the pharmacy
  • Arrange a ride home from the surgical center
  • Undergo lab testing or a mammogram if indicated
  • Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirin, and herbal supplements as they may increase bleeding

Arriving at the Surgical Center

Please arrive at your surgical intake appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing and freshly bathed. Do not wear nail polish, makeup, skincare products, perfume, or deodorant. After checking in, a nurse will ask you to submit to a urine pregnancy test and provide you with a surgical gown. Drs. Williams will meet with you and draw markings on your skin to plan the operation. They will also answer any final questions you might have to put your mind at ease.

What to Expect

Breast Lift Procedure

Length of Surgery 2-3 hours
Inpatient / Outpatient Outpatient
Anesthesia Usually General
Duration of Results Long lasting. Weight loss/gain, pregnancy, and age may reduce surgical results over time

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Customizing Your Breast Lift Mapping out Your Surgical Plan

Every breast lift patient is one-of-a-kind. With that in mind, your surgeon at Tri Valley will plan your procedure, so it reflects the cosmetic goals you have in mind.

Breast Lift Incisions

There are various breast lift techniques. Each technique has different incisions, some of which leave more prominent scarring than others. Your surgeon will recommend the breast lift incision that will best accomplish your desired result with the least amount of scarring.

Dr. Williams will determine the appropriate incisions for your case based on your breast size and shape, the size and position of your areola, the degree of ptosis, and the amount of extra skin. Their recommendations are based on years of clinical expertise and are designed to maximize your cosmetic outcome. Some options they may discuss with you include the anchor incision, lollipop incision, and periareolar incision. Each has advantages and limitations.

Anchor Incision

The anchor breast lift method is exactly as you would expect, resembling the shape of an anchor. Your surgeon will make a keyhole-shaped incision around the areola and down the lower breast pole, finishing with a horizontal incision in the breast crease. While the scars are more significant than other types of breast lifts, this method offers the maximum lift for Grade 3 ptosis and is useful for Grade 1 or Grade 2 ptosis for better final breast shape and contour.

Lollipop Incision

A keyhole incision is the hallmark of a lollipop breast lift. The incision follows the pigmented skin around the nipple, followed by a vertical incision toward the breast crease. This method has an excellent lifting effect with less scarring than the traditional anchor technique but is appropriate for a small number of patients.


Also known as the periareolar or “donut” breast lift, this method reshapes the breasts through a circular incision around each areola. Circumareolar breast lifts are best suited to women with mild-to-moderate sagging and those requiring an areola reduction. While it can only achieve a modest lift, this technique has the least visible scarring.

Complementary Procedures

A breast lift works well as a standalone procedure. It also pairs nicely with other breast and body surgeries. Combining procedures with mastopexy benefits patients since they may be able to reduce their downtime and save on anesthesia and facility fees. Most importantly, combined operations allow patients to achieve a more dramatic, harmonious result.

Combining Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation

A breast lift raises the breasts and areola to a more rejuvenated position. However, it does not add volume. For patients that desire a larger cup size, Dr. Williams may suggest pairing breast implant surgery with your breast lift. These operations can take place on the same day.

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Your Breast Lift Procedure

Your surgery will occur in an accredited outpatient surgical center, a surgery center. When you arrive, our nurses will prep you for the operation during your intake appointment. A licensed anesthetist will then administer general anesthesia. After you have drifted off, your surgeon will make incisions on your breasts following the surgical plan you discussed. They will remove the excess skin to lift and tighten your breasts as well as address other issues such as asymmetry or areola reduction. They may also place implants if you have breast augmentation as part of your breast lift. After suturing the incisions closed, they will apply bandages.


Before your procedure begins, an anesthesiologist will administer general anesthesia so you will have no memory or sensation during your operation.


The incisions vary based on the amount of excess breast skin and how much lifting and reshaping you desire. The incision may be limited to a circle around your areolas, or it may continue with a line extending down the lower portion of your breast and inframammary crease. After removing the lax skin, your Tri Valley surgeon will reshape the breast mound and reposition the areolas.


After raising your breasts and areolas to the optimal position, your surgeon will close the incisions with sutures and surgical tape. They will also protect the wound from contaminants with soft, sterile bandages.


The results of breast lift surgery are immediately visible. Over time post-surgical swelling will subside and resolve, and incision lines will gradually refine in appearance. Patients experience an immediate satisfaction at their results, and experience fulfillment in self-confidence and personal body image in achieving their goal for an uplifted breast profile.

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What to Expect During Breast Lift Recovery

The Tri Valley Plastic Surgery team will advise you of:

  • How to care for your incisions
  • When you can shower after your breast lift
  • Unusual changes to look for that may signal a complication
  • Medications you can take and which ones you should avoid
  • When to come in for follow-up appointments with your surgeon

Here is an overview of what to expect as you heal from breast lift surgery.

Waking up from the Surgery

When you wake up from anesthesia, you may feel exhausted and groggy. You may also have some nausea, a common side effect of a general anesthetic that is usually short-lived. Most patients spend an hour to two in the recovery room before being discharged to return home and rest. You will need a chaperone to drive you and look after you overnight.

Managing Discomfort

It's normal to have swelling, firmness, and discomfort in the days and weeks after your procedure. You may also feel a burning sensation in your nipples; This is an expected side effect and should resolve in time. Your breasts may show some bruising, which typically fades within two weeks. You will be prescribed analgesics to reduce discomfort as you heal.

Wearing a Support Bra

Your surgeon may advise you to wear a surgical bra or sports bra to support your breasts as they heal. Most patients can wear an underwire bra or go braless after six weeks.

Attending Follow-up Appointments

To ensure everything is healing properly, you will need to come into the office for regular follow-up visits. Someone may need to drive you to these appointments until you are ready to get behind the wheel a week or two after your surgery.

Work, Driving, and Physical Activity

You should be able to drive and return to work one to two weeks after a breast lift. Walking is encouraged from day one. While you will not be bedridden, you should limit physical activity until you fully recover. Strenuous exercise, lifting heavy objects (including young children), and jogging can resume at approximately six to eight weeks post-op.

Scar healing

Scar reduction is a core component of your Tri Valley aftercare routine. Your surgeon will let you know how to care for your scars, so they heal nicely. The breast lift scars are permanent, but they should fade in time. The scars may appear red or raised at first. Eventually, the scars should flatten, become softer, and fade to fine lines. This process can take a year and, in some cases, longer.

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Your Breast Lift Results

After a breast lift at Tri Valley, most can expect beautifully sculpted, symmetrical, lifted breasts following their procedures. While you will likely see immediate improvements soon after your surgery, the initial swelling may conceal your results. It can take several months to a year to see the outcome of your surgery, although most patients reap the rewards of their newly shaped breasts much sooner.

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Why Tri Valley Plastic Surgery?

At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, you will have access to award-winning surgeons known for their compassion, surgical skills, and high patient satisfaction ratings.

Dr. Steven Williams brings a keen artistic eye and unparalleled surgical expertise to provide breast lift results that are second to none. He is considered a leading authority in cosmetic breastwork and have sowed a reputation as one of the Oakland area's most sought-after breast lift surgeons. Whether you have minimal sagging or require complex surgery to achieve your goals, our team is equipped to deliver results that meet and exceed your expectations.

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Walnut Creek Breast Lift Model
Dr. Steven Williams - Oakland Plastic Surgeon

Schedule your Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Breast Lift Consultation Today

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery is a leading Northern California breast lift provider. Dr. Steven Williams and his experienced team of medical professionals provide exceptional care and results for patients seeking breast lifts in the Dublin area. To learn more about breast lift surgery and what it can do for you, call our office at (925) 875-0700 or fill out the online form to book your private consultation.

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Breast lift (mastopexy): A cosmetic surgical procedure where Dr. Williams restructures breasts that have lost their original shape and appear to have an element of sagging (ptosis) or loss of volume to them. It is not designed to reduce the size or weight of breasts as would a breast reduction procedure.

Discomfort can vary based on the extent of surgery, differences in healing, and individual pain tolerance. Soreness is usually most pronounced during the first two to three days, then gradually tapers off. Your surgeon will prescribe medications for a more comfortable recovery.

For a few weeks after surgery, your breasts will feel sore, swollen, and hard, and you may feel a burning sensation in your nipples. The symptoms are nothing to worry about. If you notice any unusual changes, such as a sudden increase in swelling, severe pain, or signs of infection, contact our office immediately.

Hematoma, unfavorable scarring, infection, changes in breast or nipple sensation, pigmentation changes, asymmetry, fluid accumulation, excessive firmness, deep vein thrombosis, and cardiac or pulmonary complications are a few of the risks your surgeon will discuss with you.

After your surgery, you will need to have a trusted family member or friend drive you home from the surgical center. They should look after you for the first 24 hours since you will likely be sore from the surgery and feel groggy after anesthesia.

While a complete recovery can take several months, most patients return to work one to two weeks after the surgery. Vigorous exercise, jogging, and heavy lifting are off-limits for six to eight weeks.

You should be able to resume driving a week or two after your surgery, as long as you are no longer taking pain medication. Someone may need to drive you to and from follow-up appointments and assist with errands during this time.

It depends on the technique your surgeon uses. Anchor breast lifts have the most considerable scarring. Donut breast lifts have the least scarring. Lollipop breast lifts fall somewhere in between. Regardless of the type of breast lift, the scars are generally hidden in most clothing, bras, and swimsuit styles.

It can take 12 months or more for the scars to mature. Ideally, the scars lighten in color over time and fade to fine lines. The scars are considered permanent and may be visible even after they lose pigment. If you can’t live with scarring on your breasts, mastopexy may not be right for you.

Your surgeon may advise sleeping on your back for up to six weeks. It may also help to elevate your head on a stack of pillows. This position alleviates swelling after breast lift surgery.

Your surgeon will ask you to wear a soft, supportive bra without an underwire for several weeks after your operation.

Most patients enjoy a long-lasting result that stands the test of time. A breast lift cannot stop the aging process, however. Weight fluctuations and future pregnancies may also affect the shape and position of the breasts.

Patients should be aged 18 or older. Forty to 50 percent of patients have a breast lift between ages 40 to 54. Nearly 27 percent of breast lift patients are between 30 to 39. However, the decision to get a breast lift does not hinge on your age. Anyone with ptotic breasts may consider the procedure.

Women must not be pregnant or nursing due to the anesthesia and medications administered during and after the surgery. However, many women undergo a breast lift to address sagging, empty breasts after pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Once healed, most patients do not notice a discernible difference in breast or nipple sensitivity. A small number of patients do notice changes in sensation, which may be permanent.

Nationally, the average cost of breast lift surgery is $8,100, although pricing can vary drastically based on your surgical plan. The surgeon fee, anesthesia cost, hospital charges, and aftercare expenses all factor into the cost. You will receive a custom price quote during your consultation so you can plan financially.

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery offers financing tools such as CareCredit and PatientFi, which work similarly to a credit card with recurring monthly payments. Terms and conditions apply.

Insurance rarely covers breast lifts since they are usually done for cosmetic reasons.

While the surgical techniques are similar to a breast reduction, a breast lift usually only results in a minor decrease in breast size. Breast implants can be added if you want to retain the same breast size or increase your bra cup size. If your goal is to reduce the size of overly large breasts, your surgeon may suggest a breast reduction

The surgery lasts two to three hours on average. The degree of sagging and complexity of the surgical technique are two main factors that impact how long the surgery lasts. If you have a combined procedure such as a mommy makeover, breast augmentation, and breast lift, expect additional time in the operating room.

Breast lifts rank as one of the top five most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedures globally. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 110,280 mastopexy procedures took place in 2019 alone.

A breast reduction makes large breasts smaller and better proportioned. It also has a lifting effect, raising the breasts to a higher position on the chest. A breast lift is a limited procedure focused on making saggy breasts perky again without causing a significant change in terms of bra size. During the operation, our surgeons remove as little tissue as possible.

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