What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift (also called platysmaplasty or lower rhytidectomy) is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the area around the neck and under the chin to reveal a smoother and more contoured neck. A neck lift is an immediate and long-term solution to sagging jowls, double chin, banding around the neck, or “turkey wattle”. Our Oakland neck lift can be combined with other procedures such as a brow lift, fat transfer, or mini facelift to address signs of aging in multiple areas simultaneously. While nonsurgical neck rejuvenation procedures are also available, they cannot produce the same dramatic and long-lasting results as a surgical neck lift.

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Face and Neck Lifts Before & After

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A Younger, Sleeker Look

Sagging and wrinkles caused by a gradual decrease in skin laxity over time can add years, or even decades, to your appearance. As the skin relaxes and is drawn downward by gravity, it pulls at the face and adds visual weight which also makes the face appear older. A neck lift effectively smooths, tightens, and lifts loose skin in the neck and under the chin, creating a more youthful neck contour and removing excess visual weight below the face.

When we look younger, we feel younger. The sleeker, sexier look of a lifted neck can have a substantial impact on feelings of self-confidence and youthfulness. An investment in self-care can have wide-ranging effects, trickling down into virtually all of our endeavors. Dr. Steven Williams, a highly respected Oakland plastic surgeon and facial and body contour expert, can help you achieve a sleeker look and a rejuvenated perspective on life.

Neck Lift Procedure

Depending on how much contouring is needed, a neck lift may consist of simply liposuctioning the neck area and beneath the chin to sculpt the area. To treat more advanced signs of aging in the neck, more extensive surgery is needed.

When you arrive at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery for your neck lift Oakland medical professionals will administer anesthesia and the treatment area will be prepped for surgery. Incisions will be made under the chin and just behind the ears. The platysma muscle will be cinched tight and sewn together with dissolvable sutures, and excess fat and skin are removed. The remaining skin and tissue will then be pulled tight and incisions will be closed. A dressing will be applied and a temporary drain may be inserted if necessary.

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Recovery After Neck Lift

Full results are visible around one month after surgery and are long-lasting.

Patients can expect a smoothly contoured neck and area under the neck. Sagging jowls, turkey wattle, wrinkles, neck banding, and sagging skin will have been corrected and self-confidence will be boosted.

Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Neck Lift

A neck lift performed by Dr. Steven Williams can drastically impact your quality of life. When we feel more youthful and confident, we feel empowered. If you would like to learn more about the neck lift procedure and all available options with Tri Valley Plastic Surgery’s team of highly experienced medical professionals, please contact our office during regular business hours to schedule your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do results from a neck lift last?

At what age should I get a neck lift?

Where will scars be located after a neck lift?

How long do results from a neck lift last?

Neck lift results can be expected to last 7 to 10 years.

At what age should I get a neck lift?

Most neck lift patients are in their mid-40’s. However, the signs of aging develop differently from person to person, and some may choose to receive neck lift surgery earlier or later in life.

Where will scars be located after a neck lift?

Scars will be discrete and easily hidden, placed just under the chin and behind the ears.

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