Mommy Makeover

Your body did something amazing.

Now, it's time for you to do something amazing for your body.

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures performed at one time in order to achieve a more youthful body after pregnancy.

Mommy makeovers can include: breast augmentation and/or lift, tummy tuck or mini tummy tuck, labiaplasty, and liposuction.

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What to Expect

Mommy Makeover
Length of Surgery

3-4 hours, Varies

Inpatient / Outpatient

Usually Outpatient


Usually General

Duration of Results

Long lasting. Weight loss/gain, pregnancy, and age may reduce surgical results over time

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* Real Dr. Williams Breast Augmentation Patient

A mommy makeover is a series of procedures accomplished on the same day.

Learn more about the procedures commonly performed during a mommy makeover.

Breast AugmentationTummy TuckBreast LiftLiposuction