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A Brighter Outlook

Clear + Brilliant effectively treats mild to moderate signs of aging in under an hour by smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin’s tone and texture, minimizing pores, and making skin appear younger, brighter, and more even.

When we look our best, our spirits are lifted and our energy improved. Self-care requires us to invest in ourselves in one way or another. Such investments can bring exponential rewards as they contribute to our overall self-confidence and excitement for life. Tri Valley Plastic Surgery offers Clear + Brilliant laser resurfacing in Oakland from the Bay Area’s premier team of medical and cosmetic specialists to help you show off your brilliance.

What is Clear + BrilliantLaser Resurfacing?

Clear + Brilliant offers a less invasive (yet still effective) alternative to traditional laser resurfacing treatments. The minimally invasive nature of Clear + Brilliant allows for faster treatment and quicker recovery. It is also a safe and effective treatment option for all skin tones, including patients with darker complexions. As a safe, convenient, and effective method of reversing various signs of aging, Clear + Brilliant has become a favorite treatment option among those seeking to prevent or treat fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots, enlarged pores, or skin laxity. The entire process can be done in less than an hour and includes little to no downtime.

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How DoesClear + Brilliant Work?

Like traditional laser treatments, Clear + Brilliant uses fractional technology to create millions of microscopic injuries in the top layers of the skin which replace damaged skin cells to give your face a healthier and more youthful appearance. These small injuries prompt the body’s natural healing responses, producing new healthy skin cells and increased collagen production. The new, rejuvenated skin is smoother, brighter, more even, and all-around younger-looking as a result. These tiny injuries also allow for the deeper penetration of serums or other topical skincare products into the skin. Unlike other laser skin resurfacing treatments Oakland specialists at Tri Valley can perform Clear + Brilliant in under an hour, without the days to weeks of redness associated with others.

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What to Expect During yourClear + Brilliant Treatment

When you arrive at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery for your Clear + Brilliant treatment, your skin will be cleansed and prepped. A topical anesthetic may be applied before treatment. Our Oakland laser resurfacing specialist will carefully guide the Clear + Brilliant applicator over the treatment area with total treatment time taking approximately 20-30 minutes. During this time, millions of microscopic treatment zones will be created within the upper layers of the skin.

Clear + Brilliant’s Intelligent Optical Tracking technology will ensure that the tool maintains even and proper contact with your skin throughout treatment. There is no downtime required with Clear + Brilliant and you can return to work or regular activity immediately. Because Clear + Brilliant’s recovery time is so much shorter than other laser treatments, you can schedule your treatment around your life — not the other way around.

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Recovery from Clear + Brilliant laser skin resurfacing is minimal. Patients may experience mild to moderate redness for several hours following treatment, but this redness should subside by the following day. Patients may also experience some scaling and dryness around three to five days after treatment.

Sun exposure should be avoided for at least two days following treatment to avoid damaging sensitive new skin cells. A gentle cleanser and moisturizer may be used twice a day for the week following treatment. Exfoliants, retinoids, and topical steroids should be avoided until the treated area is healed (approximately five to seven days). Your aesthetic specialist at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery serving Oakland can suggest specific products and ingredients which are safe and beneficial to use after your treatment.


Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Clear + Brilliant patients can expect to see results as soon as one to two weeks post-treatment. Skin will begin to look younger with an improvement of your skin’s tone, texture, and brightness. Additionally, your body’s natural collagen production will increase due to the treatment.

There is no limit to the number or frequency of Clear + Brilliant treatments a patient can receive. It’s recommended that patients begin with a package of three and then consider additional maintenance treatments as needed. Several ways to make the most of Clear + Brilliant results are to limit sun exposure and maintain a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, hydration, sleep, and a proper skincare regime.

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Tri Valley Plastic Surgery Clear + Brilliant

Looking younger often means feeling younger. Clear + Brilliant offers months of increased confidence with under one hour of treatment. The confidence which can be gained by this small investment in yourself can be a boost toward whatever goals you have set for yourself. In Oakland Clear + Brilliant skin resurfacing at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery can brighten your outlook. If you would like to discuss Clear + Brilliant with one of our highly skilled specialists, please contact us to schedule your consultation.

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