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It's been 7 years since mother-daughter, Linda and Christel had gastric bypass surgery together. They've kept the weight off successfully but because of the massive weight loss, both still had body issues from the loose skin and stretch marks that come naturally with gaining and losing weight. According to Oakland plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Williams, weight loss is usually not the end goal, but a fundamental step of a long-term road to a healthy lifestyle. “Patients that undergo massive weight loss become healthier and the extra weight loss helps with overall wellbeing. But it can leave patients with so much skin that they feel self-conscious about themselves. At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, we feel that the weight loss is only part of the journey and we're glad we can help take people where they want to be.”

"At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, we feel that the weight loss is only part of the journey and we're glad we can help take people where they want to be.” - Dr. Steven Williams

Mother-Daughter patients for Reconstructive Surgery in Oakland

When I met Linda and her daughter, Christel, they were beaming with happiness. And for good reason. They had just finished their follow up appointment with Dr. Judge and everything is going well months after their panniculectomy procedure. Panniculectomy is a body contouring surgery that targets excess skin and fat. It's a typical procedure that patients undergo after a drastic change in weight. For Christel, who is celebrating her 36th birthday this year, this was a gift to her “new self”. “Even though we've been putting in the hard work for the last few years, there was still a physical reminder of who we used to be. We've lost all the weight, and yet, I still had to see it every day and it was just time to reward ourselves and move on. I knew who that person was but now I'm focusing on who I am now.”

"I have buckets of confidence now - at work, at church, in life. I don't know what's in store, but I know they're all good things." - Christel

Oakland reconstructive surgery before and after photosOakland reconstructive surgery before and after photos

Linda counts her faith, her family, and her passion to impact women as motivating factors for her successful weight loss journey. With steely determination, even during the holidays, she has stayed on track and the results are evident. “I can tuck in my shirt now!”, she proudly told Dr. Judge. “I needed to master taking care of myself so that I can help others and be present for my family.” Linda survived a traumatic incident when she was young. For many years, she struggled through the pain emotionally, and her body reflected the darkness she felt. It was when she turned 30 that she found herself healing spiritually and emotionally. As a byproduct of her internal healing, she realized that she needed to heal her body physically and live a healthy lifestyle. Now a pastor and a mentor to many women, Linda is an inspiring figure to her many 'sisters' in her community and is committed to empowering women through her ministry work and social entrepreneurship.

Oakland reconstructive surgery before and after photosOakland reconstructive surgery before and after photos

Bubbling with positivity, Linda talks about spending more time with her family and her exciting plans for expanding their family business, The Nested Owl in Manteca. It's incredible to witness the transformation that transpires within our patients. They came to Dr. Judge to change something physical and months after, it was a pleasure to see them at the office glowing from the impact that comes from a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-love. “I have buckets of confidence now, in life, at work, in church. This opened the door for many good things for me. I have my salvation to lean upon, but I also feel that God wants me to feel good about myself. This was never about fitting in cute clothes. It was about feeling confident and happy so we can continue to impact lives”, Christel smiled as she spoke.

"I feel more like 40 now. I walk in with a strut. I feel fantastic!" - Linda

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For that, Linda and Christel speak of Dr. Judge and the whole Tri Valley staff with such fondness. “Dr. Judge has left an imprint in our hearts. From the first day that we met her, she has shown us care and concern as people first, patients second. She explained the surgery to us with so much patience and she really wanted to make sure that we were doing it for the right reasons - for ourselves. She played a role that put our hearts and minds at ease. On the day of my surgery I was at peace. She had a big smile on her face and she made me feel like we were in the same journey together.”, Christel shares. “She really cares about how she can help to make you feel better about yourself”, Linda agrees. “She's incredibly talented and her kindness is so powerful.”

"“Heartwarming stories like Linda's and Christel's reaffirm why we do what we do - so our patients can feel comfortable with themselves.” - Dr. Tanya Judge

February 13, 2020

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