At Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, we feel breast reconstruction is one of the most important services that's offered. Breast cancer is a road marked by different milestones — from diagnosis to eradication of the cancer, then finally, adjusting to life after cancer. And for many breast cancer survivors, breast reconstruction is a key part of their holistic healing process.Oakland breast reconstruction before and after photos

“Reconstructive surgery is part of every patient's right to feel as whole and complete as possible after the challenging diagnosis of breast cancer” - Dr. Steven Williams

We're lucky to have Rhonda as a patient. She's an amazing breast cancer survivor, vibrant and absolutely full of life. Thankfully, Rhonda caught the lump early and was treated immediately. With full support from her entire family (by that, we mean a whole crew of her parents, aunts, siblings and children at her doctor's appointment), she recovered fully and is now in excellent health. She underwent treatment for the cancer and then had reconstruction at Tri Valley Plastic Surgery with Dr. Steven Williams. In the video below she shares a fun story about her hike up to Pinnacle Mountain with her husband. The best way to hear it is from Rhonda herself. Please watch below:

“And he turns to me and says, “Are you doing what I think you're doing? Yes, we are!” - Rhonda

Rhonda's experience with breast cancer brought on a whole spectrum of emotions. It reinforced her love for life, her husband, and her family in a deeply profound way. After successfully completing her treatments, Rhonda wanted a fresh start. Moving away from the stress and worry brought on by her diagnosis, she made a conscious effort to take care of herself in numerous ways. Part of that involved taking steps to achieve her aesthetic goals. Because of the trauma from the treatments, she had to undergo breast reconstruction and improve the symmetry of her breasts. With Dr. Williams' expertise, she was able to choose the right procedures which included bilateral mastopexy (breast lift), fat transfer for breast contouring and breast implants for volume.

She also decided to perform other cosmetic procedures at the same time including liposuction, tummy tuck, and a Brazilian Butt Lift. And went blonde (Tri Valley Plastic Surgery was not a part of that transformation)! We're thrilled to see Rhonda regain her confidence and move forward with a version of herself she's happy with.

Oakland breast reconstruction before and after photos

Different from a breast augmentation, breast reconstruction surgery restores the appearance of a woman's breasts usually after mastectomy for breast cancer. There are two main types, autologous-based uses the patient's own tissue to recreate a “natural”, warm, soft breast and implant-based uses silicone or saline based implants. There are many different ways to create an ideal breast reconstruction.

Thanks to the Women's Health and Cancer Rights Act (WHCRA), Rhonda was able to rebuild her breasts after her diagnosis. This federal law requires most insurance companies to cover breast reconstruction after treatment. Under WHCRA, some benefits cover reconstruction of the breast that was removed by mastectomy and surgery and reconstruction of the other breast to make the breasts look symmetrical or balanced.

Dr. Williams, Board-Certified plastic surgeon serving Oakland and the founder of Tri Valley Plastic Surgery, has over a decade of experience in different breast reconstructive cases. Passionate about providing outstanding patient-centered care, he also works collaboratively with the patient's of doctors, including general surgeons and oncologists, for a comprehensive care experience for his breast cancer patient.

February 13, 2020

Dr. Steven Williams - Oakland Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Steven Williams

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