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Fat Transfer procedure to Breasts Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

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Fat Transfer procedure to Breasts

I'm looking to get fat transfered to my breasts. My doctor says they can get me up 2 cup sizes larger ( I am about 5'4 107 lbs and 22 years old). They're going to be using UAL technique. I've been hearing so many different opinions and I just want to know the truth. I dont know what to do, I'm really stuck. I want larger breasts but if I can do it without implants, I'd be ecstatic. My biggest fear out of all of this is the results of the Liposuction (I don't want to end up like Tara Reid with all the dimples). Can someone advise me on this matter?

Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation and Breast Cancer

In my San Francisco area practice I do a fair amount fat grafting (face, hands, buttocks) and I do not perform breast augmentation using this technique. The issue here becomes one of fat survival and scar tissue. If a portion of the fat dies (which typically happens) this area can heal with scar. Usually it is not enough to be cosmetically noticeable. The problems start when screening for breast cancer. Both mammograms and MRIs can detect this scar tissue as calcifications. These can be difficult to differentiate from early breast cancer. Your oncologist or general surgeon may recommend multiple biopsies to follow evolving calcifications which can add to the scarring and create a real sense of concern for patients. Speak to a few plastic surgeons about using fat transfer for breast augmentation before making a decision. This procedure can be especially difficult in cases where more volume is required. I hope this helps.

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