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I Have Silicone Implants and my Breast is Swelling After Running Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

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I Have Silicone Implants and my Breast is Swelling After Running

After I run my left breast swells up and gets painfull for a few days. Should I worry? I am 2 and half months post implant surgery. I had a 285cc silicone implant. I only run for about 30-40 Minutes

Running with implants

Thanks for your question - The situation you describe is a little unusual and may relate to some incomplete healing in your left breast implant pocket. You should speak to your plastic surgeon regarding this problem. Likely it will resolve with about a month off from running. Consideration for runners looking for breast augmentation Some questions patients have asked me over the years. Many patients have asked me to comment on their ability to run after breast augmentation or breast reconstruction using implants. I thought I'd use this forum to comment on our perspective at our San Francisco area practice. If you are a runner or jogger considering breast implants or one who has implants you may find some useful facts below. Will breast implants cause back pain in runners over time? People getting breast implants often wonder about why there's a segment of women looking for breast reduction - and of course vice-versa. Here's the problem with large breasts: Breasts can be heavy and can cause back, neck and shoulder pain as well as cause difficulty exercising. Typical breast reductions remove about a pound to a pound and a half of weight or more from each breasts and usually significantly improve back pain, neck pain and shoulder grooving. With this in mind, it is easy to imagine that large implants may lead to similar discomfort. Typically this is seen in later years as we get older but is still an important consideration. Running typically subjects the body to the shock of the feet hitting the ground - this force is transmitted through the knees, spine and pelvis. Large implants may increase this force over time as you as supporting additional weight, especially in the shoulders and spine. Will breast implants change the way I run? Getting breast implants which are large can get in the way of efficient arm movement. Part of running is the forward and back movement of both arms as we run. Typically this can be an issue with more established runners as they're patterns are more difficult to change. Post op recovery - When can one run again after breast augmentation?What kind of weight lifting can I do right after breast augmentation? Typically I recommend that a patient do no type of strenuous physical activity after surgery.It isn't just about avoiding usage of the pectoralis muscle as some have stated. It's also about avoiding strenuous activity that may raise your blood pressure and cause bleeding as well as avoiding situations where injury may occur when you're under the influence of pain medication.Typically I recommend no exercise for the first week to ten days and then a gradual increase in things like walking. I avoid all upper extremity exercise for at least three weeks.Usually people can begin activities like running or jogging at 6 weeks with appropriate support garments like sports bras. Are cruches ok? This question struck me as a little odd as most joggers don't need crutches after breast reconstruction or augmentation - however I have been asked about crutches several times. I typically I do not recommend my patients use crutches after sub-pectoral implants for breast augmentation (or breast reconstruction for that matter) as one of the major muscles supporting crutch usage is the pectoralis muscle. This can lead to increased chance of bleeding, pain and delayed healing as well as long term capsular contracture. What about sweating? Studies show that typical surgical wounds are largely sealed from the outside world in 24-48 hours. Breast augmentation places synthetic material in your body which can be more susceptible to infection so most surgeons are more cautious. Typically most doctors will recommend you avoid getting the incisions wet (same as heavy sweating) for the first few days. After that, although the incisions are still healing, most consider them immune to water. It is important to remember that this time may be extended if you have drains in place. When I'm back to running again, what other precautions should I take? Start back slowly. Any surgery requires a period of time where your body will not be at its physical peak. The early recovery time may take as long as eight weeks. Definitely wear a supportive sports bra whenever possible. Without the extra support you will have a greater risk of damaging the parts of your natural tissue that suspend your breasts - this can lead to ptosis - the medical term for sagging breasts. Using a good sports bra to protect your augmented breasts while jogging will also make the activity more comfortable. As always - as techniques and individual practices vary it is important to have a conversation with a board certified plastic surgeon about these issues. Hopefully this helps!

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