Lumps from Blepharoplasty, Neck Lipo, and Fat Transfer procedures?

I had liposuction on my neck, lower blepharoplasty, and fat transfer to my face and under my eyes 9 days ago. I just wanted the fat under my eyes to correct hollowness, but the doctor thought I'd look great with it transferred to cheeks, lips, etc.. I'm looking great, but during my massage, I noticed a small painful cyst right between the outer edge of my eye and temple. So then, I explored further and deeper with my hands; there are also two larger lumps (peanut sized), in the exact same spot on either side of my jawline. They don't feel cystic, they feel lumpy and flat-shaped. Also, right under my chin, I have 2 two pea-sized lumps directly across each other. I also discovered a large inflammed-feeling asymmetrical lump on the right side of my Adam's apple that stretches all the way up under my jawline. Of most concern to me is the small cyst near my eye, and the large sore lump on my neck. I'm hoping the lumps on both sides of my jaw and the two on the underside of my chin are just fat that will soften. Right now, the cyst by my eye is small. Is this from the liposuction or fat transfer procedures? What if it fills up and becomes large? I love the way my face looks and hope I wont have to have excisions. I don't want scars! I wonder if he will aspirate the cyst, but couldn't it fill up again? I've seen others with similar problems on the message board, and doctors suggesting to wait it out. But I don't want to "wait it out" for these things to become bigger. Is this normal? Any suggestions or advice before I go see the doctor tomorrow? Thanks.

Facial fat transfer

Thanks for your question. It sounds like what you've described could be a few things including small hematomas (collections of blood) or collections of necrosing fat. It is unlikely that these are new cysts that have sprung up in the last nine days. You state: "I've seen others with similar problems on the message board, and doctors suggesting to wait it out. But I don't want to "wait it out" for these things to become bigger." This is a common feeling - you just want things to move along and that's a completely normal thing to want. But in these cases sometimes intervening (aspirating things that should go away on their own) can cause other problems. Discuss your concerns with your surgeon. I hope this helps.

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