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Options for Facial Keloid Scar Removal? Tri Valley Plastic Surgery

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Options for Facial Keloid Scar Removal?

I have keloid scarring on my beard area. I was seeing a dermatologist who injected steroid into the keloid scars, and gave me antibiotics because she thought it was folliculitis. When I leave the house, I use concealer makeup because it looks terrible. I would like to get this treated properly. What are my options for keloid scar removal, and how do I go about choosing who or where I can get these treatments? Are estimated costs for keloid removal treatments available? Thanks!

Keloid treatments

Abnormal scarring can be divided into two general categories. The first is hypertrophic scarring. This is characterized by thick, raised or wide scars that stay within the boundaries of the original incision or wound. They can be caused by stretch on the incision as its healing, chronic infection or separation of an incision during the healing process. The second is keloiding, which is characterized by scar growth outside of the original scar boundaries. Treatment for hypertrophic scarring can include steroid injections, silicone sheeting and re-excision with meticulous closure of the wound. Treatments like laser can be used but tend to require several treatments with subtle results. Treatment for keloids can include steroid treatment but frequently requires excision. Resistant keloids may even require excision + radiation. Be sure to discuss your concerns with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. I hope this helps.

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