What Can I Do About Long-term Tummy Tuck Surgery Scar Pain?

I had a full tummy tuck surgery 17 months ago. I still have to wear a compression garments all day and I take them off about 2 hours before bed. I stand and walk all day at work as a Retail Manager. I returned to work day 10 after my surgery, and it was really hard, but I forced myself up and at it. I had swelling for almost the first year after surgery. Swelling now seems to be almost eliminated but I still have a severe burning and pulling sensation right on the thickest part of my scar (the center 3-4") Is this normal? Will massage help? I have been trying massage the last 3-4 weeks. It seems like it is helping a little. Any suggestions?

Abdominoplasty scar pain

Thanks for the question. It is unusual to need a compression garment after 8 weeks. Scar pain can be caused from a number of issues including abnormal healing from the scarring (keloid or hypertrophic scars), injury to cutaneous nerves in the area, or other issues. Treatment at this point can include: 1. steroid injection - this can be particularly helpful in cases of hypertrophic scars or cutaneous nerve injury. Risks include atrophy or hypopigmentation in the injected area. 2. scar revision - this may help the pain and the appearance of the scar (if this is a problem) but it may also not help your pain and you have to deal with healing another surgery. The pulling sensation you describe may be an area of scar tissue or a deep suture that can be released with this method. Massage may help but you may be more likely to get improvement with the treatments above. Speak to your plastic surgeon in depth about your concerns. I hope this helps.

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